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Host Families

All of our prospective au pairs first apply to one of the branches of our German partner organisations IN VIA and VIJ. There they are given general information about being an au pair in Great Britain and submit their applications (including references and a medical certificate), which are then passed on to us.


During our main placement periods (mid August until mid September) we do not generally place by letter. This means that the candidates are asked to come to London, where they spend the first few days at the German YMCA looking for a host family. After being given a comprehensive introductory talk each candidate is interviewed individually before visiting prospective host families in their homes. This gives both sides the opportunity to meet each other and discuss terms before committing themselves.


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we are not a commercial agency, but rely on donations. One of our main aims is to promote the personal development of young people by increasing mutual awareness and understanding. This is why we prefer a personal approach, taking time to get to know both the host family and the au pair. We invite a member of every new host family to come to our offices to register in person. This helps us to get a better idea of the family and their requirements. This is an invaluable help to us as it gives a general impression of your family when we come to suggesting the right au pair for you.


Should you be interested in looking for an au pair through our services, please contact us to arrange for an appointment. We would be happy to help you find a suitable candidate.





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