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About us

The German YMCA in London (Young Men's Christian Association) was founded in 1860 and therefor is one of the oldest YMCA's in the city. As a Christian Movement, the Association promotes respect and freedom, tolerance and understanding, and welcomes people regardless of their gender, age, religion or ethnic background. In several practical ways we serve the needs of the community. We welcome people of different Christian traditions, other religious faiths and of none.


The German YMCA offers an au pair placement service to families in Greater London. We are a charitable organisation and work in partnership with the German charity IN VIA (www.aupair-invia.caritas.de) and other organisations which forward au pair applications to us from German-speaking countries. During our main placement period in August and September prospective au pairs have the possibility of staying at the German YMCA. They will be given advice and information and then go for interviews to meet potential host families in person.


The rest of the year the interviews with au pairs and host families take place via skype or on the telephone and the au pair comes directly from abroad to your home.


• We prefer a personal approach and take the time to get to know both the host family and the  au pair. This is an invaluable help to us when we come to suggest the right au pair for you.

• During our main placement period in August and September we give you the opportunity to meet au pairs in person before committing yourself. The rest of the time you have the opportunity to skype with several candidates.

• We offer on-going support to you and your au pair.

• We provide information and advice for the au pairs and offer a leisure-time programme to help them settle in, meet other young people and get to know London and its surroundings.

• We are not a commercial agency. Our main aim is to promote intercultural understanding and personal development of young people.

• We are a non-profit organisation and request a donation, towards our costs, of £200 for the full academic year or £140 for six months.